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Dog Travel

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BC-093 Pet Carriers. 78*53*72CM.


Product Features & Specifications :Cage Size78*53*72CM

Key Features• For Pet Carriers.

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Bucket Seat Protector – Tan


Bergan seat protectors have become an instant hit for everyone living an active lifestyle.

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Comfort Carrier Wheeled


The Wheeled Comfort Carrier provides the same level of comfort for you and your pet as our original line of Comfort Carriers, but with the addition of simple mobility.

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Cuccia Sprint Dog House

AED590.00 - AED220.00
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Cuccia Sprint Dog House

AED590.00 - AED220.00

Cuccia sprint is a practical and durable comfortable outdoor dog house. Made of non toxic materials, without sharp edges or dangerous to the animal, the Sprint dog kennel is resistant to ultra violet rays, and to the elements. The two side windows allow maximum ventilation, and the practicality with which it is disassembled and reassembled without the use of any tool, makes the Sprint outdoor kennel easy to clean and transport.

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Dog Auto Harness W/ Tether -X-Large


Don’t miss the hottest trends! 67% of pet owners travel with pets; 43% take dogs to work; 40% take their pet on errands.

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AED1,450.00 - AED110.00
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AED1,450.00 - AED110.00

New product line of Carriers designed for the carriage of your pet during the travel, for any means of transports you need.

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Pet Travel Barrier


The Auto Travel Barrier keeps pets safely contained in the back seat. The patented Freedom Lock provides secure installation while allowing driver and passenger seat adjustment. The upper and lower venting provides air circulation. It has a flexible lower cargo netting that wraps around consoles without blocking air vents. The dual layer 600D construction provides lasting performance.

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Transportino BRACCO 100


Extra-large opening door for comfortable access

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Transportino BRACCO 100 Double door


The Bracco 100 double door is an ideal way to safely and securely transport your pet in the car. The Bracco is lighter and a better profile than traditional metal crates for in-car use. The Bracco 100 will fit most hatchbacks and estates. The unit is easy to assemble and use with simple and secure turn-locks to secure the wire door. The carrier comes with two removable, draining floors and is easy to clean. The unit is supplied with an optional removable divider making the double door version ideal for two smaller pets than need to be separated when travelling. Can also be used in your home in the same way as a wire home

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Transportino Gipsy Metal Door

AED95.00 - AED75.00

The Transportino Gipsy Metal Door comes in assorted 3 colors and 2 sizes. Product line of Carriers designed for the carriage of your pet during the travel, for any means of transport you need.

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Transportino Gipsy Plastic Door

AED90.00 - AED70.00

The Transportino Gipsy Metal Door comes in assorted 3 colors and 2 sizes. Product line of Carriers designed for the carriage of your pet during the travel, for any means of transport you need.

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Trasportino Vision Classic 55 FREE 54X36X36h


Carriages for cars in plastic polymer designed to offer maximum comfort to the dog and find their own space in the most common cars. Extra large opening for easy access and to always have your puppy under control. Quick closure with safety click Simple and quick to clean Ventilation grilles

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Voyager Carrier

AED375.00 - AED330.00
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Voyager Carrier

AED375.00 - AED330.00

The Bergan Voyager Pet Carrier is a stylish travel must-have, featuring well ventilated sides, lockable zippered openings, convenient pockets, and seat belt loops for added safety.

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Wheels for BRACCO 4,5,6 SET


Wheels for BRACCO 4,5,6 SET


Ideal for fixing to the bottom of our Bracco Travel Carriers sizes 4,5,6 only for ease trolley action. The wheels come with quick release plates which come with screws for securely fixing to the base of the carriers


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Transportation and cage for dogs

Dog crate

Crates are a home for our pet dogs in our home. Dogs get their personal space, privacy and most importantly, sleeping for hours in there. Crate training your pup will also help in controlling their behaviour and anxiety. 

When we know, crates are essential for our fur friend; choosing that appropriate to your dog is significant. What mostly matters are the size of your pup or dog. Then their behavioral pattern, habits and needs.

Choosing the right crate size for your dog

The size of the crate for your dog must be sufficient for them to stand, sleep and relax. But also, not with more space to break the potty training schedule. So it is an excellent way to measure your dog’s length when sleeping, when standing. 

You can measure from the tip of the nose to the tail of your dog and add 2 to 4 inches for getting the length of the crate. For the height of the crate, measure from the floor to head of your pet and add 2 to 4 inches. This is almost the same way we measure for the mattress for our pet dog.

It is advisable to note that the weight of your dog does not exceed the weight limit exhibited by the manufacturer of the crate. Double-check this if you are carrying your pet in the crate.

Different types of dog crates

Plastic dog crates

Plastic dog crates are also called as airline kennels. This is because plastic-type crates are used mainly for travelling by your dog in a car or flight. These are portable, helpful for shy dogs because of less visibility, compact design, can be used as dog bed if open the lid, lightweight, easy to clean.

 It is hard to escape from these plastic crates for your dog so that you can ensure security. But for dogs those does not like small places and with less visibility to outside, plastic crates may make them very uncomfortable.

You can buy dog crates for travelling with you pet dog through our website, petfoodsonline. Also we assure you can choose from a great variety of crates.

Metal dog crates

Many pet owners widely choose these metal crates for their dogs, for a static purpose in the house. There are many brands in the market, providing metal crates, and we can choose the best according to our pups needs. Like, we can modify them by placing dividers, crate covers and can arrange them according to room décor.

If your dog is shy or like to be less exposed, can use crate covers for ensuring their privacy. Or else for most of the puppies, those love to see surroundings, metal dog crates are the best choice.

While choosing metal crates for puppies, the main advantage is, they can grow with your puppies. By using dividers or removing middle panel, you can arrange metal crates into the appropriate size for the puppies. When the puppies grow up, you can rearrange to make them into a standard format. So you don’t want to buy many crates.

Also allowing puppies to stay in larger crates will mess up with their potty training routine. Puppies may think they can potty at one corner of the crate and sleep on the other side.

As metal crates are highly exposed type, some dogs, especially those like to hide more or need privacy, it’s better to use a crate cover while choosing metal crates for them. But at the same time, if your dogs are massive chewers, then crate covers won’t last long. You can select different crate covers available in the market according to your crate size, or you can DIY one.

Some of the disadvantages of metal crates are, 

  • Crate is heavy
  • Metal can rust over time
  • Less secure, chances for your dogs to escape is high
  • Can damage teeth of heavy chewer dogs on the crate.

You can buy metal crate dividers from the UAE, through our website, petfoodsonline, which offers dog crates and dividers at best price in Dubai.

Fabric dog crates

Fabric crates are a best option if you need a temporary crate or that looks fancy while carrying your pet to your work space and all. These are Lightweight, inexpensive, easy to carry and travel with, fast set up. But it is hard to clean fabric crates and if your dog have an habit of chew on or paw at the crate, they will get damaged easily.

Wooden or furniture crates for dogs

If you live in a small space, you can combine your dog’s crate with a functional piece of furniture that best matches your home’s decor. These are expensive and heavy models but go well with your decor. They came with soundproof models and ease anxiety among dogs. These have cons like, furniture crates can be hard to clean and some dogs may chew on wood also.   

Heavy duty dog crates 

These are for dogs who tends to escape always and those with very aggressive behaviour. These are really heavy type of crates with thick and tough bars often featuring riveted metal and double locks. Heavy-duty dog crates are the best option for crash protection if you plan on using a dog crate in the bed of a pickup truck or the back of your van or SUV. Just note that as they are cumbersome and significant, transporting in small cars is not possible. 

Unlike all of these types of crates we discussed above, there are exercise pens or Ex-pens, which helps to spend time for dogs but very freely. They come without a top covering and spacious enough to roam around for your pet friend. You can adjust the size of these Ex-pens according to your pet dogs need and way of playing.  


  • How much does a dog crate cost?

The cost of dog crates vary according to what they are made of and the size. The cost of dog kennels also depends on the purpose they have to serve for your pet dog. 

For kennels made up of plastic, with simple features and that used mostly for travel are the cheapest among crates. Plastic crates starts from as low as 150 AED and the range goes up with addition of features and functions. 

  • Is it cruel to crate a dog ?

No! It is purely a misconception about the crates that go on forever. Crates areas homes for dogs, not as a punishment for them. Many dogs feel comfortable and happy to be inboxes. Also, crate training brings much of relaxation for dog owners. 

  • where to buy dog cage online? 

You can buy from any pet store that provides online purchasing is a very relaxing way to shop for your pet. If you are in the UAE, you have good news that you can buy dog cages and kennels with a few clicks. 

You can buy the cheapest dog crates online in Dubai to luxury dog crates from anywhere within the UAE. Enjoy shopping of all that your pet needs at the best price in town. Also avail free delivery on your purchase over AED 100. 

  • What size cage do I need for my dog? 

The size of crates for your dog entirely depends on the size and behaviour of your dog. Add 2 to 4 inches in length of your dog from nose to tail ( don’t include the length of tail ultimately, only the curly length of the tail is enough) and add 2-4 inches in height after your dog stand to get width and height of the crate to be chosen. The breadth will come according to the other two measurements.

  • Where do you put a large dog crate in the house?

You can choose any corner at home to put the large dog crates. Keep in mind to fix a low traffic area, so your pet won’t get disturbed with the sounds of walking and others. Make sure that your pet’s crate is away from the fireplace or the radiator. Keep the kennel away from direct sunlight, and avoid locations that are extremely hot or cold.